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How to make youtube videos with a Phone

This articles will show you how to make youtube videos using your Smartphones. It will walk you through steps you need to take to get the right look. Lighting, Camera angles, phone that shoots in high resolution is important for making online videos. We recommend good Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 8 Plus and up and newer model LG Phones.

how to make youtube videos


Hold your Phone in Horizontal Position while recording

You will need to hold your camera sideways while recording to get the best resolution for Youtube videos. You can use the Selfie camera so you can view the output while recording. Make sure you look into the camera lens for presentation videos. This will create a connection between you and your audience. You can hold your phone in a vertical format while recording for instagram.


Position your Phone for the best angle

Don't place the phone too far from your face as this will distract your audience. Your viewers will focus on the background and not you. Don't point the phone too close to your face because it will create tension and a creepy look. Don't shoot from the top or the bottom cause this will veer from away from the youtube look.


You Need Good Lighting

Lighting is extremely critical. It can make or break your video. You should avoid shooting in low light conditions when shooting with natural lighting. You need to shoot in the same direction of your lighting source. meaning the light should bounce on your face. The Background tends to get washed out when shooting in the opposite direction of your light source.


You Need Good Audio

You need good audio to create good Youtube Videos. Try to identify where the recording mic is located on your phone. It is different for every phone. Make sure you are not covering it up with your palm. This will make your audio sound muffled.

how to make youtube videos


Stabilize your Shot

Stabilize your grip on the Phone. You can use a Selfie Stick, tripod or Pop Socket. You can also just be cautious and keep your hands steady. An unstable shot will leave your video looking blurry. This will annoy your viewer and will cause them to skip your video on Youtube. Some advanced smartphones come with built-in stabilizer software that makes your shaky video look better. This will not work in extreme conditions though.